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   Mr. C's alkaline seasoning blend is loaded with a variety of 11 powerful herbs, minerals and spices. This blend is everything you've been waiting for with amazing health benefits. Our products has no additives or preservatives and will enhance the taste and quality of any meal; it is specifically designed to help improve and promote good health... Alkaline cuisine seasoning has a PH balance of 7.2 and above, it is the perfect complement to any meal.

Our goal is to give our customers the very best; that's why we only use quality ingredients to bring forth the freshest and boldest flavors to your table. Mr. C's authentic Alkaline Cuisine Seasoning blend will make your taste bud come alive... ORDER A CAN TODAY! USE IT ON EVERYTHING!

Mr. C's trinity collection consist of our ORIGINAL/low sodium, SPICY/high sodium & SALT FREE/no sodium. we only use all natural sea salt in our products; sea salt has great health benefits... while putting good elements back into the human body

There's two convenient ways of ordering our amazing products: Website & Amazon

Cost Efficient...saving our customers time and money - Our job is to choose the perfect herbs that will work perfectly together and taste great

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Our authentic seasoning blend can be used on any meal, popcorn, salads etc.

Alkaline Cuisine has been named " The World's Most Amazing and Healthiest Seasoning Blend" with great health benefits.

The herbs in our seasoning has been specifically choosen to bring forth a unique taste for our customers; Your taste bud will thank you!


  Alkaline Diet - PH 7.2 and above... Alkaline food consist of natural fruits and vegetables, these foods contain nutrients that will go straight to your blood line, you will become more alert, have more energy, you wouldn't get hungry fast etc. When you're eating right, you can rest assured that your body will receive the right vitamins and nutrients that it needs. ** We have to began to change our diet of blood and starch in order to live a long productive life, a life without pain and suffering.


   Acidic Diet - Having a PH below 7... An acidic diet of blood - consist of different types of meat etc., starches: ( Fast foods: French fries, Burgers, Potato chips, Candy, Popcorn, white rice, Beans, Cooking oils ) etc. Eating a acidic diet will eventually lead to serious health problems and may cause diseases in a matter of time etc.

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Cayenne Pepper

Beneficial in improving Vision | Provides relief from stress | Rich in Anti- fungal & Anti-oxidants | Aids in Respiratory ailments etc.


Strong Antioxidant that supports immune system | Cancer fighting | Helps upper Respiratory Infections | Increase energy levels | Fights Diabetes etc.


Beneficial in improving Vision | Provides relief from stress | Rich in Anti-fungal & Anti-oxidants | Aids in Respiratory ailments etc.

Onion Powder

Anti-Mutagenic (Protects from Cancer) | Decrease risk of Coronary Artery Diseaes | Increased Immune Function etc.

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  • Coriander

    Good source of Dietary Fiber | Rich in Vitamin C, V, K , and protien | Also contain small amounts of calcium, potassium, thiamin and carotene etc.


    Help keep your eyes healthy | Ample amounts of benifical nutrients | Adds a viberant red color and pungent flavor | Packed with Daily Nutrients etc. | Vitamin B6


    One of the Healthiest Herbs | Contains Disease Fighting Antioxidants Helps Fight Cancer & Cardiovascular Health | Fights Viruses & Infections etc.


    Source of Fiber, Magnesium, Vitamin B6, C & Potassium | Natural Treatment for Arthritist and Rheumatoid | Fights Liver Problems etc.


    Helps relieve Joint Pain | Support Healthy Kidney Function | Source of Vitamin A, K, C, Folate & Iron etc.


    Source of Magnesium, Iron, Zinc and Calcium | Anti-Oxidants that help Neutralize Free Radicals etc.

    Sea Salt

    Detoxifies the Body of Heavy Metals | Reduces signs of aging | Stores Vibration Energy | Supports Healthy Lungs and Respiratory Function | Promotes Healthy Sleep Patterns | Strengthen Bones & Prevents Muscle Cramping etc.

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